VR eSport Arena Platform

Software suite designed to increase player
throughput and optimize your operations.

Automated Onboarding

Optimize operations and increase throughput.


Seamless hardware & group management.

eSport LeagueApp

Turn beginners into devoted players.

Arena Operator

Easily manage your game sessions, update software, and monitor your VR hardware from one place using the intuitive operator tools.

Parties Management

Launch sessions of our 3 VR eSport games and manage players group.

Hardware Management

Easily monitor your hardware battery level and network status.

Automated Updates

Automated remote software updates to enjoy the latest features with manual  intervention.

Automated Onboarding

Automate your operations with player self sign-up to increase throughput and keep your operators focused on selling more tickets!

eSport League Features

The eSport League Features helps you turning beginners into devoted players

Player Profiles

Players can register before entering the arena. It saves operation time and players can see their stats after the game.


Players want to know how well they did, but more importantly how well they do against others, now you can with our ranking systems.

Character Customization

This feature will be available later this year and we are really excited about letting players choose from an array of really cool skins.


Use the arena marketing kit to attract new customers to your center. Set up social media campaigns and promote your arena online.


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