Who We Are

Phenomena is at the forefront of Free-Roam Virtual Reality experiences for location-based entertainment (LBE), thanks to its innovative team and the pioneering work of its co-founders Awane Jones, Charles Miran, and Bassil Silim Jones. They have been trailblazing in the VR industry for over a decade. The VR eSport  Arena is the sum of years of R&D and design to help operators build a more profitable business.


At PHENOMENA, we envision a world where Free Roam VR becomes the ultimate shared experience in arcades, family entertainment centres and amusement parks. We are committed to making this immersive adventure accessible to all.


We strive to achieve both high ROI and exceptional customer satisfaction both for the player and the LBE’s. We are dedicated to creating innovative and exceptional experiences that not only maximize returns for operators but also leave their customers delighted.


Our ambitious goal is to see Free Roam virtual reality technology in every location based entertainment destination across the globe. PHENOMENA is dedicated to making this attraction a universal staple for LBE’s, transforming the way families and gaming enthusiasts come together for fun and excitement.


At PHENOMENA, we’re obsessed with delivering top-performing experiences and exceptional customer service, regardless of the package you choose. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that every user, no matter their preference, enjoys the best possible Free Roam Virtual Reality Esports adventure in the world.

Our Founders

Pioneering Virtual Reality for Over a Decade

The Old Way

The New Way

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