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Phenomena is the global leader in Free-Roam Virtual Reality attractions for location-based entertainment. Our flagship product is the VR eSport Arena Platform, meticulously designed for both competitive play and replayability. Our eSports-ready games will bring repeat visitors to your center. The modular play space allows players to move freely, creating an immersive and exciting play experience.

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Operators now have the flexibility to select from 3 different options tailored to their budget and operational needs: They can opt for the Platform-only solution with a DYI Arena, or choose one of our turnkey offerings, the Arena Lite or Arena Pro.

Phenomena and HTC VIVE Reinvent
the Location-Based Experience

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Games that attract
visitors to your LBE

Create a community of recurring players with a competitive game play, mastery paths and reward loops.

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Meet the
VR eSport Arena Platform

Software suite designed to increase player
throughput and optimize your operations.

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Discover our Platform-only solution featuring a DIY Arena, complete with exclusive free-roam games. Download now!

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arena Lite

Looking for an affordable mobile turnkey solution for free-roam VR? Turn space into revenue with our easy-to-use Arena Lite.

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Embark on the free-roam VR gaming revolution today. Turbocharge your earnings with the Arena Pro.

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