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Phenomena is the global leader in Free-Roam Virtual Reality attractions for location-based entertainment. Our flagship product is the VR eSport Arena Platform, meticulously designed for both competitive play and replayability. Our eSports-ready games will bring repeat visitors to your centre. The modular play space allows players to move freely, creating an immersive and exciting play experience.

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Operators now have the flexibility to select from 3 different options tailored to their budget and operational needs: They can opt for the Platform-only DIY Arena, or choose one of our turnkey offerings, the Arena Lite or Arena Pro.

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Create a community of recurring players with a competitive game play, mastery paths and reward loops.

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Families & groups love the Arena VR, it's the #1 attraction every weekend.

Emmanuel Sevigny - Playmind / La Ronde

We are quite happy with the team from VR esports arena, their support and their willingness to work with us. They helped us redesign our arena and change the physical location inside our FEC. I am convinced that our collaborative change will significantly increase our customer experience and ultimately our revenues.

Jason Reinblat - CEO - TAG E-Karting

The VR eSport Arena is our success shining story of VR. When they come out our guests are excited, fired up and the adrenaline is 100%. The second ticket is an easy sell.

Tom Hagen - Rush Mountain Adventure Park

It's our most captivating gameplay experience in the venue! VR is already dominating the game for attractions these days, and the esport arena is a great feature to propel this. It really catches your eye and is incredibly immersive!


The VR eSport Arena has given our business a big boost of freshness and adventure. Simply amazing and very profitable.

Mateo Buba SRT - Mexico

Phenomena disconnects you from reality and reconnects you to the world of vr esports. Noting like shooting friend, family and co-workers.

Level X

"The PHENOMENA team and its platform have been fundamental in the launch of the first virtual gaming ARENA in Colombia. It motivates us to grow and develop new businesses in the LBE market and Freeroam VR games."

Hernan David Muñoz Ch

We've been thrilled with the results and, more importantly, the support from the Phenomena team. To be honest, we feel like a part of the team.

Adnan Mushtaq - Pakistan (for Transfinity)

Phenomena laser tag was the best choice ever made for our virtual reality entertainment center ! The most busiest experience in our venue !

Charalambos GOVR Manager - Cyprus

The platform is easy to use - It's unique and people love it. Adding the VR eSport Arena has been the best addition to my business. My customers are wowed every single time.

Ben Hook - White Rabbit - US

Phenomena have developed the most eye  caching Arena product on the market, and offer a high value and ROI turn-key arena solution. We are proud to work in partnership with Phenonema.

Kieran Walton - Immersive Arenas - UK

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Looking for an affordable mobile turnkey solution for free-roam VR?
Turn space into revenue with our easy-to-use Arena Lite.

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arena Pro

Embark on the free-roam VR gaming revolution today.
Turbocharge your earnings with the Arena Pro.

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