Arena Lite

The Arena Lite is a mobile all-in-one solution for LBE venues seeking an affordable entry point into the world of free-roam virtual reality. This package includes both our innovative gaming and operation software, as well as lightweight hardware components, making it easy to install and maintain. Arena Lite is designed for smaller venues or those with budget constraints, delivering an engaging and immersive gaming experience without compromising on quality or performance.

High ROI

Low investment and excellent throughput enable you to break even within 3 months of operation.

8 Players

Up to 8 players can play in the arena, providing a social and competitive experience while increasing revenue.

6 Games

6 highly competitive games
focused on replayability.


Players can move naturally with the new generation VR headset .


Backwall Vinyl Banner
Side Wall Vinyl Banner
PVC Floor
Headset Storage
Operator Kiosk
2* TV’s for Spectating
Bluetooth Speaker
Vive Focus 3 Headset
Vive Focus 3 Spare battery
Headset Decals
Gaming Computer
Touchscreen Interface Display
Gaming Router
Cable Pack
Full Feature List

Multiple Sizes


4 Players


6 Players


8 Players


8 Players

Return on Investment

The VR eSports arena is designed with ROI and revenue in mind to turn any space into a money-making machine

arena Lite

Looking for an affordable mobile turnkey solution for free-roam VR? Turn space into revenue with our easy-to-use Arena Lite.

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