October 24, 2022

Space Dance Harmony: The Ultimate Dance Game Experience for VR eSports

Welcome to the world of Space Dance Harmony, the ultimate dance game experience for VR eSports! Phenomena is proud to introduce our latest game release that takes competitive and social gaming to the next level.

Space Dance Harmony is the world's first free-roam multiplayer dance game that offers a truly immersive and thrilling experience. With our game, you can learn choreographed dances and compete with your friends in a futuristic virtual environment that makes you feel like you're dancing in space.

Our game is designed to be fun and energizing for all levels and ages, whether you're a seasoned pro or a dance newbie. With Kelly, your virtual dance instructor, you can easily learn the moves and keep up with the competition.

Space Dance Harmony is also highly competitive, with high scores to keep track of. You can tailor the game to your own level of skill with two different game modes - noob and pro.

One of the most exciting features of Space Dance Harmony is its free-roam technology, which allows you to move around the VR arena unencumbered by cables. This means you can fully immerse yourself in the game and dance to your heart's content. With a variety of music genres to choose from, including disco, pop, reggaetón, dancehall, and hip-hop, there's a song for everyone.

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Space Dance Harmony is perfect for family entertainment centers (FECs) looking to expand their offerings and attract a wider range of customers. With the ability to fit up to 8 players in a 20x20' arena, it's perfect for dance parties and group events.

In conclusion, Space Dance Harmony is the ultimate dance game experience for VR eSports. If you're looking for a thrilling, competitive, and social gaming experience that's accessible to all, be sure to check out Space Dance Harmony today!


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